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We build big data security solutions to support our customers at analyzing their network traffic.

Exeon Analytics is a Spin-off company of ETH Zurich.

Order a security review to discover hidden data leaks. It’s free if no security or privacy threats are discovered.

Your employees’ web browsing causes millions of network events every day, this allows cyber attackers and malicious insiders to simply hide among these regular activities. Our ExeonThreatReport security review assesses the security state of your internal network by analyzing web proxy log data (your internal devices’ outgoing web traffic) and flow data.
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Understand your web traffic

Sitting on large amounts of web traffic logs? Use our flagship product ExeonTrace to understand the web traffic leaving your corporate network and to identify and investigate malware infections and data breaches using big data algorithms. Web traffic is the primarily data leakage channel used by sophisticated cyber attackers as well as browser plugins and other software that put your organization’s privacy at risk.
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