Exeon Threat Report

Problem: Unnoticed data leaks

Cyber attackers and malicious insiders regularly circumvent IT protection measures and breach highly sensitive data. Such breaches often take place over several months – the current average detection time for a data breach is more than 200 days – and happen in plain sight, hidden in millions of regular activities caused by the web browsing of employees. For example, 20 GB of data was stolen this way during a cyberattack against the Swiss defense company Ruag, which remained undetected for more than a year.

Order a security review to discover hidden data leaks

Web traffic is the primarily data leakage channel used by sophisticated cyber-attackers as well as browser plugins and other software that put your organization’s privacy at risk. Our Exeon Threat Report security review assesses the security state of your internal network by analyzing web proxy log data (your internal devices’ outgoing web traffic) and flow data. ExeonTrace’s big data algorithms and machine learning extract hidden information from millions of network records. This enables the quick detection and containment of data breaches. ExeonTrace is easy and light-weight to deploy, as it loads network log data from Splunk, Elasticsearch or raw files. Our engineers deploy ExeonTrace on-site in your data center, analyze your network traffic and provide you with our Exeon Threat Report listing

  • Identified malware/attacker activities.
  • Identified privacy leaks.
  • A fingerprint of active devices allowing you to cross-check your IT inventory (IT inventories are often incomplete and miss devices).
  • An overview of heavily used web and cloud services, allowing you to identify shadow IT services.

Contact us via our contact form for more information or an offer. It’s free if no security or privacy threats are discovered.