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Exeon Analytics AG

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Network Detection
and Response

by best-in-class
Security Analytics


New Zealand Stock Exchange

738 GB of stolen data and 186,000 customers compromised after a cyber attack


New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) was hit by cyber attack in which hackers stole 738 GB of data and compromised 186,000 customers.

News - SIX and Exeon partner for new Cyber Security Service

We are pleased to announce that SIX is integrating Exeon's detection & response software into its cyber security offering. Together, SIX and Exeon are providing a truly Swiss solution for network analytics.


What we do

Our flagship product is the Network Detection and Response (NDR) software ExeonTrace. ExeonTrace monitors IT networks similar to an alarm system to detect and visualize cyber threats. ExeonTrace doesn’t need dedicated hardware sensors or software agents. Instead, it analyses log data exported by your existing firewalls and systems, which is why it can be setup without any risk and within a single day

ExeonTrace provides the following features for automated threat detection and response: 

Understand your network's data flows
The alarm system for your network
Efficient analysis of  security incidents

Who we are

Exeon is an Swiss cyber security company specialized in security analytics. Our interdisciplinary team of data scientists, machine learning experts, white hat hackers and network security specialists develops innovative products to fight cyber attacks. The algorithms behind our flagship product ExeonTrace are based on over ten years of award-winning research. Our products are all developed in-house in Switzerland. We are a Spin-off company of ETH Zurich with roots at the Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC)




Why is ExeonTrace different to the network detection and response solutions of Vectra, Darktrace and the like? It's mainly our smart machine learning algorithms, allowing you to use your existing IT hardware as sensors. As a result, our ExeonTrace threat detection software is operational in a single day.
Further, our customers love our intuitive visualizations, specialized algorithms for web traffic and the correlation with additional system and application logs.

Network Traffic
Analysis Capability
Very easy to integrate - Software appliance without dedicated hardware sensors
ML-based threat detection
In-depth visibility into IT network and data flows
Specialized, award-winning algorithms for Web traffic. Detailed analysis of primary data leakage channel
Correlation of arbitrary log data for threat assessment

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