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Exeon Analytics AG
Grubenstrasse 12
8045 Zürich


Registered office

Exeon Analytics AG
Hofackerstrasse 14
CH-8032 Zürich
MWST-Nr.: CHE-196.534.272


Data Breach Prevention
by best-in-class Network
Security Analytics.


Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)

The personal data of 2,400 Ministry of Defence have been leaked


The personal data of 2,400 Ministry of Defence (Mindef) and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) staff may have been leaked through e-mail phishing by malicious malware.


What it is

Exeon is a cutting-edge cyber security company that develops innovative products to fight cyber attacks. In a time, where data is the main commodity for many organizations, it has never been more important to protect this data from outside cyber attacks, malicious insiders or weak IT security oversight. Our flagship solution, ExeonTrace, relies on big-data and machine-learning algorithms to detect such cyber threats within an organization's network, before it is too late.


What it does

ExeonTrace analyzes and correlates an organization's existing IT log data. As a result, ExeonTrace provides three functionalities:


ExeonTrace offers unique visualizations, that allows you to fully understand your network. Following the data flows across an organization, Exeon identifies and visualizes rouge shadow IT devices, supply chain attacks, as well as unintentional access to data from the outside due to misconfigured firewalls and servers.


ExeonTrace identifies cyber attacks on your organization before it is too late. The algorithms learn the normal patterns of your company’s network and thereby single out anomalies. With ExeonTrace, the average cyber attack detection time can be reduced from over 200 days to less than 1 day.


In-time threat hunting and drill down with manageable and customizable alerts and specialized visualization.



Network Traffic
Analysis Capability
Detailed analytics for Web traffic (one of the main data breach channels)
In-depth visibility into your network traffic
Added value on top of existing network data