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Data Breaches
and Cyber Attacks

More than 20 data breaches are reported every day. Not all are significant, but some are extraordinary. As cyber security experts, we have the mandate to remain up to date with cyber crime, which is why we follow the latest data breaches and cyber attacks closely.


49M user records stolen

A hacker is currently selling a huge database of 49M business contacts, containing emails, phone, address and information about company.

Amazon Web Services

A huge data leak exposes >2,000 of British consultants and Firms

A breach in a database containing highly sensitive files from several British consulting firms. The compromised files exposed detailed sensitive information belonging to the firms, along with thousands of British professionals.

Bouygues Construction

IT systems paralysed by a cyber attack

Since Thursday the IT systems of the French construction company Bouygues Construction have been paralysed by a cyber attack. Swiss companies are also affected. These are the two subsidiaries Losinger Marazzi AG based in Berne and the building technology company Bouygues Energies & Services (formerly Alpiq Intec) based in Zurich. 

GEDIA Automotive Group

Hit by "massive cyber attack"

GEDIA Automotive Group has been the victim of a massive cyber attack by a ransomware gang known as Sodinokibi, same that threatened Travelex this month. Since then, the firm turn offline all its systems to prevent the spread of the virus further across the network.

Royal Yachting Association

Name, email and passwords stolen

Royal Yachting Association resets passwords after warning that their data may have been compromised by a third party.


Involved personal information of 4,784 individuals

The Iowa Department of Human Services reported a data breach involving information of 4,784 individuals related to income maintenance and social work cases in Dallas Country. 


Hackers stole $10.5 M

Hackers stole $10.5 M from a Richardson Company.


Data breach affecting up to 250 M people

Microsoft has confirmed a massive data breach affecting anonymised data held on its customer support database.

Fresh Film Productions

Sensitive personal data of 1,500 participants in a campaign exposed

A data breach has exposed sensitive data of 1,500 participants in antiperspirant brand Dove's "real people" campaign. 


>2,000 Bristish passports exposed

Sensitive details including thousands of British passports have been lazily left unsecured in Amazon's cloud for years.

Manor School

$2.3 million from phishing scam

Manor Independent School District in Texas, is out of $2.3 million from a phishing scam. The district and the FBI are still investigating the scam.

PIH Health

200,000 patients exposed

PIH Health has become aware of a data security incident that may have impacted personal information and protected health information belonging to certain current and former patients.


Personal details of 56 million US residents exposed

A database containing the personal details of 56.25m US residents – from names and home addresses to phone numbers and ages – has been found on the public internet, served from a computer with a Chinese IP. The information silo appears to have been obtained somehow from Florida-based CheckPeople.com, which is a typical people-finder website.


Facing a ransomware of $6M

Travelex being held to ransom by hackers. Hackers are holding foreign exchange company Travelex to ransom ($6M) after a cyber-attack forced the firm to turn off all computer systems and resort to using pen and paper.


344 patients affected

Malicious malware targets Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest. The company has identified 344 of its current patients whose information appears to have been accessed without authorization or were at an increased risk of unauthorized access.

Richmond Community Schools

Ransomware of $10,000 in Bitcoin

According to Richmnond Community Schools, there was a ransom that asked the school to pay $10,000 in Bitcoin to restore access to the server.


Exposed networks of over 80,000 Firms to attacks

A newly discovered vulnerability impacting the Citrix Application Delivery Controller and the Citrix Gateway, could potentially expose the networks of over 80,000 firms to hacking attacks.

Singapore Armed Forces

The personal data of 2,400 Ministry of Defence have been leaked

The personal data of 2,400 Ministry of Defence (Mindef) and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) staff may have been leaked through e-mail phishing by malicious malware.

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