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Data breaches
and cyber attacks

More than 20 data breaches are reported every day. Not all are significant, but some are extraordinary. As cyber security experts, we have the mandate to remain up to date with cyber crime, which is why we closely follow the latest data breaches and cyber attacks.

Desjardins Group

2,9 Millions customer records were stolen

An employee of financial services federation Desjardins Group leaked personal details of more than 2.9 million people and 173,000 businesses.

Australian National University

Over 200,000 customer data breach

A hacker accessed personal information, bank account details and academic records for an estimated 200,000 staff and students.

Quest Diagnostics

Over 12 Million stolen customer data

One of the biggest blood testing providers in the United States leaked  personal, financial and medical information due to a security issue with one of its vendors.

US Customs & Border Protection

100,000 customer data breach

Photos of travellers' faces and license plates were compromised as part of an a "malicious cyberattack" on a federal subcontractor.


139 Million customer records were stolen

A hacker stole names, email addresses and location data for 139 million users of Australian graphic design startup Canva.

First American Financial Corporation

885 Million of title insurance records were stolen

A provider of real estate title insurance leaked insurance deal documents going back to 2003. including bank account numbers and statements, mortgage and tax records, Social Security numbers, wire transaction receipts, and drivers license images.


49 Million customer records were stolen

A database of contact details for millions of Instagram influencers, celebrities and brand accounts was left exposed on the web.

Indian Jobseekers

Over 275 Million customer records were exposed

A huge MongoDB database exposing records of Indian citizens was left unprotected on the Internet for more than two weeks. It's not clear who created the database.

Personal Injury Network Northwest

Over 12,000 resident private data were hacked and compromised

Approximately 12,052 Washington residents have been notified their patient data was potentially compromised during a ransomware attack on Personal Injury Network Northwest. A computer forensics firm was hired to ensure the servers were secured and to determine if any data was compromised during the security incident. While officials said they did not find evidence of access or exfiltration, it could not be ruled out.

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