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Data breaches
and cyber attacks

More than 20 data breaches are reported every day. Not all are significant, but some are extraordinary. As cyber security experts, we have the mandate to remain up to date with cyber crime, which is why we closely follow the latest data breaches and cyber attacks.

Ecuadorial government's civil registry

20.8M user records exposed

Elasticsearch server leaks personal data on Ecuador's citizens, their family trees, and children, but also some users' financial records and car registration information.

Premier Family Medical

Impacts records of 320,000 patients

US-based health care practice Premier Family Medical was struck by ransomware in July, affecting the records of roughly 320,000 patients. The medical provider, which operates 10 locations across Utah County, originally announced the incident publicly on 30 August, noting that the malware had restricted employees’ access to their systems and data.

Online ticketing company

159,000 students affected

An online ticketing company has moved quickly to fix a "potential data leak" after a university student claimed the personal details of thousands of people had been revealed.

Netanyahu's Party, Israel

4M of Israeli voters exposed

Exposed personal details, political affiliation of millions of Israeli voters. Party database, which was shut down after Haaretz query, allowed completely unsecured access to private info including phone and ID numbers.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

$4,2M cyber theft

The FBI is investigating after computer hackers managed to steal about $4.2 million in funds from a pension system for retired Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers and other state law enforcement officers, state officials said Friday.

XKCD forum

562,000 members affected

The bulletin board associated with the popular webcomic XKCD, has been taken offline after personal information of more than 562,000 members was exposed online.


419 Million accounts have been leaked

Several unprotected databases were found online containing the phone numbers of Facebook users, as well as in some cases their name, gender and country location.

Providence Health Plan

122,000 customers may be affected by data breach

The personal information of as many as 122,000 customers of Providence Health Plan’s dental program in Oregon may have been compromised in a security breach at the program’s administrator, Virginia-based Dominion National. The timing of the breach? Dominion doesn’t really know, but said it may have started up to nine years ago.

Wood Ranch Medical

All patient data was hacked and infected

California-based Wood Ranch Medical will permanently close its doors, after the provider was unable to recover its patient records that were encrypted by ransomware this summer. In August, the servers containing the electronic health records of WRM were infected with ransomware. All patient data was encrypted, including the backup hard drives. The damage to the computer system was severe enough that data recovery was not an option.

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