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Data breaches
and cyber attacks

More than 20 data breaches are reported every day. Not all are significant, but some are extraordinary. As cyber security experts, we have the mandate to remain up to date with cyber crime, which is why we closely follow the latest data breaches and cyber attacks.


Hacker sells 22 Million user records after data breach

Unacademy suffered a data breach after a hacker gained access to their database and started selling the account information of 22 Million users.

BJC HealthCare

Unauthorized person gained access to employee email accounts and exposed 19 hospitals and facilities

BJC HealthCare has suffered a breach in their employee email accounts and exposed 19 hospitals and facilities. The emails stolen included patient names, medical records and treatment, insurance information and Social Security numbers.


GoDaddy suffers a cyber attack in their hosting accounts and the incident affects 28,000 customers.

GoDaddy suffers a cyber attack in their hosting accounts and the incident affects 28,000 customers.


A hacker hits the company and leaks the data of 91 Million users

Tokopedia has been hit by a cyber attack and the hacker leaked the data of 91 Million users

Bank of Costa Rica

Hackers gained access to the bank's network and stole 11 Million credit card credentials

Bank of Costa Rica experienced a cyber attack on their network and hackers leaked 11 Million credit card credentials.

Key Ring

Private information from 14 million exposed users

Private information of 14M Key Ring users has been disclosed. The data leak revealed CVS files containing membership information.

Rijksmuseum Twenthe

Hackers trick the museum with a forged account during the painting sale and take £2.4 Million

Hackers trick the Rijksmuseum Twenthe in a Constable painting's sale and take £2.4 Million. The museum transferred the money without realizing the account belonged to a scammer.

Mediterranean Shipping Co.

A malware attack hits MSC system's network

Mediterranean Shipping Co. (MSC) suffered a malware attack and it affected its system's network. MSC agencies remained fully functional and continued serving customers as usual.

Covid-19 Vaccine test center

A cyberattack hit their data and published it online

A cyberattack hits Covid-19 Vaccine test center, stealing its data and making them public.

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