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Data breaches
and cyber attacks

More than 20 data breaches are reported every day. Not all are significant, but some are extraordinary. As cyber security experts, we have the mandate to remain up to date with cyber crime, which is why we closely follow the latest data breaches and cyber attacks.

Privatization Agency of the Republic of Serbia

Over 5,1 Million personal data and financial documents were exposed

A text file with personal data and financial documents were made publically available on their website.

Sony Pictures

Wide-range hack of 10 Million sensitive and private company recordings

Wide-ranging hack of potentially every piece of data held by the company, including: unreleased films & scripts, employee social security numbers, salaries and health check results, as well as sensitive internal business documents relating to lay-offs, restructures and executive salaries. Lead suspects are North Korean hackers" perhaps related to the Seth Rogen film "The Interview" which mocks the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un."


Over 1,1 Million Staples customer credit card information was hacked and stolen

Staples believes that point-of-sale systems at 115 Staples locations were infected with malware that thieves may have used to steal customers’ names, payment card numbers, expiration dates and card verification codes

HSBC Turkey

2,7 Million sensitive customer financial information has been exposed and compromised

In a message to customers on its website the bank said an attack on its credit card and debit card systems in Turkey had been thwarted but card numbers account numbers card expiry dates and customer names had been “compromised”.

JP Morgan Chase

US largest bank was compromised and 76 Million customer data were stolen

The US's largest bank was compromised by hackers, stealing names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of account holders. The hack began in June but was not discovered until July, when the hackers had already obtained the highest level of administrative privilege to dozens of the bank’s computer servers.

Japan Airlines

750,000 personal customer information was stolen

Japan Airlines confirmed the possible theft of information from up to around 750,000 frequent-flier programme members. Data that may have been stolen included names, genders, birth dates, addresses, email addresses and places of work.


5 Million Gmail account passwords were leaked

5 million Gmail account passwords leaked to a forum, alongside passwords from other email providers. Close inspection revealed the user details to be old (3+ years). Multiple individual targeted hacks of third party websites where people used their Gmail IDs, rather than one big dataleak, suspected to be the method. Gmail itself was not hacked.

Home Depot

56 Million customer credit card details have been hacked

Malware installed on cash register system across 2,200 stores syphoned credit card details of up to 56 million customers. May be the same group of Russian and Ukrainian hackers responsible for the data breaches at Target, Sally Beauty and P.F. Chang’s, among others

Community Health Systems

4,5 Million patient data from the last 5 years were breached

Community Health Systems, which operates 206 hospitals across the US, had patient data from the last 5 years breached. Details included names, addresses, social security numbers. Suspected chinese hackers" were thought responsible. Goal: identity theft."


4 Million customer data breach

Malware was discovered in the credit & debit card processing systems at 51 branches in 24 states.


Accidental leak of 76,000 email addresses and encrypted password

Members of Mozilla’s developer community have been alerted about an accidental leak of email addresses and encrypted passwords, after the failure of a “data sanitisation” process the organisation was carrying out.

European Central Bank

Apparently 4 Million private data have been stolen from the bank

The ECB received an anonymous call requesting money in return for the stolen data. The bank didn't say how much the blackmailer asked for, but did say that it refused to pay anything.

New York Taxis

52,000 service and data recordings were exposed

A freedom of information request resulted in the release of data on all 173 million journeys undertaken by New York taxis in one year. Unfortunately, the data was incorrectly anonymised and relatively easy to decode, revealing the driver IDs, pickup & dropoff times, and GPS routes taken for every single cab journey.

Dominios Pizzas (France)

600,000 personal customer data stolen

Hackers have demanded a ransom of €30,000 (£24,000) from Domino's Pizza after stealing personal data on more than 600,000 of its French and Belgian customers.


145 Million user records have been hacked

The company has said hackers attacked between late February and early March with login credentials obtained from “a small number” of employees. They then accessed a database containing all user records and copied “a large part” of those credentials.


2,4 Million user accounts were hacked

Users' accounts were compromised to send out spam messages.

Indiana University

146,000 student data were exposed

Students who attended the university between 2011 and 2014 may have had their data exposed after it was stored on an unprotected site. The data was accessed by three webcrawlers but there is not evidence it was accessed by any unauthorized individuals.

Neiman Marcus

1,1 Million payment data have been stolen

Malware had been “clandestinely” put into the Neiman Marcus system & had stolen payment data off cards used from July 16 to Oct. 30

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