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Data breaches
and cyber attacks

More than 20 data breaches are reported every day. Not all are significant, but some are extraordinary. As cyber security experts, we have the mandate to remain up to date with cyber crime, which is why we closely follow the latest data breaches and cyber attacks.


300,000 financial records hacked

Vulnerabilities in Click2Gov, a type of government payment software, allowed hackers to access financial records from local government payment networks in 46 US cities.

Chinese resume leak

202 Million personal records leaked

The leaked info included name, working experience, mobile phone number, email, marriage status, children, politics, height, weight, driver license, & literacy level. The origin of the data is unknown.

American Hotel Chain

Over 500 Million customers records were stolen

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that Chinese hackers breached the systems of an American hotel chain, stealing the personal information of over 500 million customers.


52,5 Million user personal data exposed to developers

A new vulnerability could have exposed users' personal details to developers, even if their profiles were set to private. Google will now shut down the consumer version of the social network 4 months earlier than planned.

Cyber espionage between countries

12 year-campaign of cyber espionage

The United States, in coordination with Australia, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand, accused China for conducting a 12-year campaign of cyber espionage targeting the IP and trade secrets of companies across 12 countries. The announcement was tied to the indictment of two Chinese hackers associated with the campaign.


Around 100 Million visitor data compromised

Compromised: logins for around 100m visitors who use the site to ask and answer questions about politics, faith, calculus, unrequited love, the meaning of life and more


Over 1,4 Million personal records exposed

Data stored on a non-secure server, making it possible to access names, gender, DOB, email and postal address data of customers externally by means of a simple search engine query. Most of the data belong to customers in Belgium, France and the UK, including thousands of Commission and Parliament employees.  Caused, the NMBS said, by a data worker “clicking on the wrong button”.

EU's communications systems

Several years maintaining access to sensitive diplomatic cables

Chinese hackers were found to have compromised the EU’s communications systems, maintaining access to sensitive diplomatic cables for several years.

Urban Massage

Over 309,000 booking records and personal data hacked

Database contained over 351,000 booking records, and more than 2,000 records on Urban massage therapists, including their names, email addresses and phone numbers.


Attempt to extract 100,000 customer information

Dell detected & disrupted unauthorized activity on its network attempting to extract Dell customer information, which was included names, email addresses & hashed passwords

High Tail Hall

411,000 players fully exposed under a hack

Hackers were able to obtain email addresses, names, order histories, hashed passwords, & both physical and IP addresses for 411,000 High Tail Hall players.

SKY Brasil

Over 32 Million customer data exposed

Poorly configured Elastisearch servers exposed customer details including payment methods.

Vision Direct

Around 100,000 user profiles hacked

User numbers not revealed. The attackers made away with personal information, passwords and CVV security codes.


Astonishing 93,689 personal data exposed in healthcare

CMS states that no protected health info, banking or tax details were breached, but personal info, insurance, income etc might have been exposed.


Accidentally 100,000 customer private data disclosed on website

Customer names and email addresses accidentally disclosed on its website, just two days ahead of Black Friday. No of users affected not released.


Potentially 5 Million customer records exposed

Customer names & email addresses were disclosed on its website. Amazon hasn't confirmed how many records were exposed.

ATMs across Asia and Africa

Tens of $Millions

North Korean hackers were found to have used malware to steal tens of millions of dollars from ATMs across Asia and Africa.

Marriott Hotels

383 Million sensitive customer data leaked

Sensitive data on customer to all Starwood hotels (including Sheraton, Regis, W Hotels) leaked since 2014. Credit card details and some passport info. The size of the hack was downsized from 500 million to 383 million following an investigation.

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