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Data breaches
and cyber attacks

More than 20 data breaches are reported every day. Not all are significant, but some are extraordinary. As cyber security experts, we have the mandate to remain up to date with cyber crime, which is why we closely follow the latest data breaches and cyber attacks.

Singapore Armed Forces

The personal data of 2,400 Ministry of Defence have been leaked

The personal data of 2,400 Ministry of Defence (Mindef) and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) staff may have been leaked through e-mail phishing by malicious malware.


The flight cancelled due to a malicious attack affected 260 passengers

RavnAir flights in Alaska cancelled after cyber attack. 

Pakistani Government

>24 Pakistani officials' phones hacked

Israeli spyware allegedly used to target Pakistani officials' phones. The mobile phones of at least two dozen Pakistani government officials were allegedly targeted earlier this year with technology owned by the Israeli spyware company NSO Group.

King Faisal University

19 students recieve full grade

Saudi hackers gives 19 students full grades, faces jail and millions in fine in Hofuf, Al Ahsa. A Saudi student hacked into his university's system to change his classmates' grades and is now facing legal trouble in the kingdom.

UK Independence Party

143 party email accounts

The email blackmail tears apart the UK Independence Party (UKIP), after it suffered a data breach on 143 party email accounts.

Henry County

Spends $650,000 after data breach

Henry County spends $650K to restore its computer network affected in a data breach.

HURR Collective

400 users data exposed

HURR Collective, a UK-based fashion rental company, has notified around 400 users of a data security incident that resulted in their email addresses being exposed.


15 M accounts hacked

Hackers crack 15M LifeLabs accounts, obtain lab results and health card numbers

Counterfeit Sneaker Sites

Hackers infected some counterfeit shopping sites to steal credit card information

Counterfeit shopping sites are constantly popping up on the Internet, promising bargains that seem too good to be true. Hackers targeted hundreds of counterfeit sneaker sites, installing malicious scrips to steal credit card information.

Magento, an Adobe Company

A data leak allowed unauthorized third parties to access the account data of registered users.

A security leak was discovered at Magento Marketplaceon November 21, which allowed unauthorized third parties to access the account data of registered users. It is also said that the vulnerability was used to provide access to names, addresses, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers.


$ 48.7M cryptocurrency exchange Upbit have been stolen

Hackers steal 48.7 M Dollars in Ethereum from South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit.


More than 1M customer data exposed

More than 1 Million T-Mobile customers exposed by breach. T-Mobile has confirmed a data breach affecting more than a million of its customers, whose personal data was exposed to a malicious actor.

Massive data leak

1.2 Billion people exposed

Personal and social information of 1.2 B people discovered in massive data leak, making this one of the largest data leaks from a single source organization in history. The leaked data contained names, email addresses, phone numbers, LinkedIN and Facebook profile information.


Thousands customers hacked

Thousands of Disney customers say they have been hacked after signing up to its online streaming service.


Hackers demand 565 Bitcoins of ransom

PEMEX, an oil company, hit by a cyber attack and blackmailers demand a ransom of 565 Bitcoins (around $5M, depending on the exchange rate).

Sunshine Behavioral Health

More than 90.000 patient billing files from an alcohol and drug addiction treatment network exposed online

Sunshine Behavioral Health, LLC, a private network of drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities with locations in California, Texas and Colorado, was hit and approximately 93.000 patient billing files from an alcohol and drug addiction treatment network were exposed online.


Hit by ransomware more than 440.000 customers

SmarterASP.NET, an ASP.NET hosting provider with more than 440.000 customers, was hit by ransomware. The attack didn't just hit customer data, but also the company itself.

Florida Blue

Data breach put 55,000 members' personal information at risk

Data breach put 55,000 of Florida Blue members’ personal information at risk.

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