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Exeon Analytics AG

Grubenstrasse 12
CH-8045 Z├╝rich

Versus Vectra, Darktrace and Others

Why is ExeonTrace different to the network traffic analysis solutions such as Vectra, Darktrace and the like? It's mainly our proprietary machine learning algorithms, allowing you to use your existing IT hardware as sensors. As a result, our ExeonTrace threat detection software is operational in a single day and can be set-up completely remotely.
Further, our customers love our intuitive visualizations, our specialized algorithms for web traffic and the correlation with additional system and application logs.

Network Traffic
Analysis Capability
Very easy to integrate - Software appliance without dedicated hardware sensors
ML-based threat detection
In-depth visibility into IT network and data flows
Specialized, award-winning algorithms for Web traffic. Detailed analysis of primary data leakage channel
Correlation of arbitrary log data for threat assessment

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