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ExeonTrace – Network Detection and Response

Exeon Trace is the alarm system for your network. Award-winning machine learning algorithms analyze your IT log data to detect cyber intruders such as ransomware, advanced persistent threats (APT) or malicious insiders. Unique visualizations further enable a deep understanding of your network’s data flows, making ExeonTrace the network detection and response (NDR) software of your choice. It only takes a single day to deploy ExeonTrace, as your existing IT hardware acts as sensors.

Automated threat detection and hunting

Our machine learning and big data algorithms
are tailored to detect known and unknown cyber threats
and trace them back to their origin.


More efficient IT operations

With our pre-defined analyzers, ExeonTrace trawls
through billions of log data points and alerts
with a minimal false positive rate.



ExeonTrace supports your compliance
with GDPR, PCI and further regulations.

Visibility into your data flow

ExeonTrace's unique visualizations enable you
to understand and monitor large
and complex networks.

Key features



Understand your network's data flows


In today's corporate networks, billions of interactions happen every day. Keep an overview with ExeonTrace.




The alarm system for your network


It takes companies on average 206 days to detect cyber attackers in their network. ExeonTrace reduces this time period to only one day.



Efficient Security Analytics 

Investigate security incidents easily


ExeonTrace converts raw log data into a compact connection graph, allowing you to easily browse through historical data.


Why ExeonTrace

Our software is based on years of research at ETH Zurich, one of the globally leading tech universities. The result is an outstanding software featuring:



Best-in-class algorithms for network traffic analysis
A high detection rate and few false positives are the basis for your cyber security. Our software integrates various security relevant log-data sources, such as Proxy, NetFlow and DNS logs, and provides unique correlation possibilities (see graphic).



Using your existing IT hardware as sensors
ExeonTrace's smart machine-learning algorithms allow you to use your existing IT hardware as sensors. Especially for geographically decentralized networks, ExeonTrace is a very cost-effective solution, as it does not require on-site sensors.



Deployable in a single day
ExeonTrace is available as VMware appliance or Docker containers for deployment on physical or virtual servers. The whole set-up can be done remotely.



Ready-made analyzers for your security use cases
Our analyzers investigate a large number of cyber security risks taking the burden of creating large manual rule sets off your shoulders. For company specific use cases, you have the flexibility to define your own analyzers.



You remain in control of your data
ExeonTrace can be operated completely offline. You decide whether ExeonTrace is set up on-site or in your trusted cloud.

Our analytics packages

Package 1

Proxy/secure web gateway analysis

Analysis of the web activities of your internal devices.


Requirements: Proxy logs recorded by an SSL/TLS-intercepting secure web gateway.

Package 2

Flow and DNS analysis

Analysis of your internal & external network traffic.


Requirements: Firewalls/switches capable of exporting NetFlow v5/v9/IPFIX log data or Corelight sensors. DNS logs recorded by our network sensor or your DNS resolvers. 

Across packages

Correlation framework

Correlation of various data sources.


Data sources: CMDB, network, host and application log data.

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