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Exeon Analytics AG

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Use cases

ExeonTrace can solve various issues for your security team. Is your use case not covered? Contact us and we will find a solution. 

Visibility – Understand your network's data flows
  • Comply with regulations
  • Locate unauthenticated devices
  • Find data transfers to illegitimate cloud services and applications
  • Detect unintended data leaks (e.g. third-party software sending critical data to the outside)
  • Harden your firewall without interrupting the business
  • Correlate network data with CMDB information and other log data sources to cover custom use cases

Detection - The alarm system for your network
  • Automated advanced persistent threat (APT) detection
  • Uncover ransomware attackers before they press the "kill switch"
  • Close the back door for supply chain attacks
  • Detect data theft and attacks through exposed insecure systems

Efficient Security Analytics– Investigate security incidents easily
  • Investigate incidents effectively
  • Go back into the past: compact graph representation of billions of data points for long-term storage
  • Save crucial time in security operations


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