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Exeon Analytics AG

Grubenstrasse 12
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Data breach prevention by best-in-class
network security analytics

Key drivers to your organization’s success is your data, be it customer data, your intellectual property and in many cases the ability to operate critical systems without interruption. Those fundamentals are found increasingly at risk through advanced cyber attackers, malicious insiders and supply chain attacks, which circumvent common IT protection measures and breach highly sensitive data. 

Such breaches often happen in plain sight, hidden in millions of regular activities, and remain undetected for 206 days on average. For example, the hotel chain Marriot didn't detect an ongoing cyber attack for almost 4 years. During this time, the hackers stole 300 million client records, including passport information and addresses. 

ExeonTrace, our machine learning and big data-based solution, enables companies to detect new cyber attacks, malicious insiders and other security hazards, which standard security products often overlook. ExeonTrace is offered as a continuous analytics tool on a subscription basis (ExeonTrace Subscription) or as a one-off security audit (ExeonThreatReport).

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